Sunday, October 10, 2010

UFO Sunsets

I've been spending time in New Mexico lately, visiting my mother. One of the last times here, my husband and I saw a "thing" in the sky over the mountains behind her house after the sun set. It was a dark disc-shaped object that didn't move. There were no blinking lights, just a dark silhouette against the orange and pinks of the sky.

When we took this, the thing wouldn't show up in the photo. Too far away or too dark.

We saw it two nights in a row, after investigating the place in the day finding that there were no towers of any type or anything else that could explain it in the area.  The thing disappeared after those two nights and we didn't see it again.

Until tonight. There it was, as we took a walk around the neighborhood - that same thing under a sickle moon and Venus! It could be anything, but whatever it is has become an intriguing part of the sky here at sunset.

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