Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photo of the Week - Creepy Hands on a Hard Body

On the Coast to Coast website, a spooky photo caught my attention. Paula Dodge submitted a photo of two strange hand prints that manifested on her car while she visited a cemetery in Jacksonville, OR. As she looked for the headstone of a friend who had passed away, her sister sat in the car, unaware that anything was amiss.

When Paula gave up after not finding the grave site of her friend, she went back to the car to find a set of dusty hand prints :

"Thinking it could have been dust sticking to some previous stickiness already on the door I swiped a finger through it and the dust came right up - you can see where I swiped it in the picture in the left hand print.

As you can see, if a person had made the impression they would have had to been laying across the top of the car, or backed into it with hands behind their back. We've speculated that the gesture the hands are in is the heart sign... or the one I like best is the AA triangle symbol. The woman whose grave I was visiting was a recovering alcoholic."

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