Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nice Orbs

I went to Lancaster County with my sister and best friend last week. Over the weekend, we took a ghost tour that gave an interesting history of the area, filled with lots of gory tidbits.

While taking the tour, we caught some orbs floating around the areas we stopped at.  The most prominent one?  The orb hovering right over our tour guide's crotch!

small orb hovers in the upper right-hand corner of this building

some orbs in front of the theater we stopped at

orb in front of a brick building

orbs in an alley way

 orb above my head and right over my camera case (in my hand) while we were striking our spooky pose

orb hovering to the left of cat and in-between her and Lynn

 more hovering orbs

 orbs abound!

This is a close-up of an orb shot in front of a window. Even though I know it was probably a reflection, the light anomaly in the right window freaks me out because it looks like a small, evil face. 

Drum Roll please. . .

 the crotch orb!

ATTN JIM:  If you're reading this, please send me your amazing orb shot at Eastern State Penn!

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