Sunday, October 3, 2010

GAC Returns to The Portal 'a Hell

The guys from Ghost Adventures returned to the infamous Bobby Mackey's in Wilder, KY on Friday's episode. This is the place that was responsible for Zak's infamous yell: "If this is the portal 'a hell, then why don't you come up out of there and get us!"

Zak, Nick, and Aaron all believe that whatever entities reside in Mackey's followed them home after the first filming there and eventually destroyed Aaron's marriage. 
In 2009, the guys arranged a Ghost Adventure fan trip to Bobby Mackey's where they also included a Bishop.  My husband's friend has a friend who attended and also attested that something from the place followed him home as well (he was actually on Friday's episode). 

So why not return a third time to a place so evil it threatened their lives and those close to them?  I mean, come on, it's a freakin' party, right?   
No doubt in my mind that something dark lurks inside the honky tonk club. There was footage of the caretaker's original exorcism from years back that was creepy. Despite the spooky bits, I did think the EVPs and the repetition of the guys' names were a bit much, especially when the disembodied spirit voice called Zak out on his fear of heights. 

Speaking of which, Zak was working it big time. He looked at the camera like he wanted to screw it and kill it at the same time, all while spray-tanned a toasty burnt orange that would make any disembodied spirit cringe.


  1. Ok,I need to stay Anonymous,but I watched this episode and i couldnt agree more with you. Something is going on in this place,and its creepy!! Creepier than Zaks teeth!!

  2. Yeah, Zak's teeth are starting to glow. Underneath a black light, he might blind someone. And the tan is really too much. Although I heart Ghost Adventures, Zak's personal grooming is becoming more frightening than Bobby Mackey's Music World!