Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Booday, Thom Yorke!

Today was Thom Yorke's birthday. Thom has stated that he is a believer in ghosts.

OK Computer was recorded  in Jane Seymour's 15th century mansion that Thom claimed was haunted. About the recording in the house, Thom told Spin in 1998: "When we actually stopped playing music there was just pure silence. Open the wind - nothing. A completely unnatural silence. Note even birds singing.: The band stated that something in the house began interfering with their recording, rewinding and turning on and off tape machines. 

It is known that a "mysterious lady in blue" scared one of the gardeners off the property, and that reportedly there is also a ghost dog who barks and brushes up against people in the house. Perfect setting for the lovely, haunting feel of OK.
Thom has also stated that he once lived in a house with "creaking stairs, slippy stairs, attic stairs. . . "
He also claimed that "Morning Bell" was inspired by living in a haunted house.

"a bump on the head
howling down the chimney
release me. . . release me. . ."

There are also a host of other Radiohead songs that inspire the shivers.  One of my favorites of these is "The Gloaming":

"Genie let out of the bottle
It is now the witching hour. . ."

Also, the dark, atmospheric sound and lyrics of "Climbing up the Walls" are deliciously spooky:

"I am the key to the lock in your house
that keeps your toys in the basement
and if you get too far inside
you'll only see my reflection. . ."

Boo to you, Mr. Yorke!

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