Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GAC Updates Soon and Movie Randomness

With family in and out, travel, and lots of stuff going on, I've neglected this blog and my DVR (Doesn't this always mark the beginning of the busiest time of year - aka holiday season?). This means a very important thing: NO GHOST ADVENTURES updates!

Hopefully I will have some soon. I will also have lots of other updates, including a ghost tour my girls and I  took in Lancaster Country, PA, fantastic orb photos, and a review of Paranormal Activity 2.

Until then, I would like to be a little random and put up a list of my top ten favorite scary movies (in no particular order). These are the first that come to mind, so I'm probably missing some!

1 - Poltergeist
2 - The Amityville Horror
3 - Session 9
4 - The Blair Witch Project
5 - Halloween
6 - The Exorcist
7 - The Tenant
8 - The Changeling
9 - Frankenstein
10  - The Possession of Joe Delaney

What are yours?  Leave me some comments!

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