Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Shivers

Some of my favorite books as a child were the stories of Frog and Toad. I now read them to my son. Here is an excerpt from "Days with Frog and Toad" that captures the essence of why I love getting the "shivers."

The Shivers (by Arnold Lobel)

The night was cold and dark.
"Listen to the wind howling in the trees," said Frog.
"What a fine time for a ghost story."
Toad moved deeper into his chair.
"Toad," asked Frog, "don't you like to be scared? Don't you like to feel the shivers?"
"I am not too sure," said Toad. 
Frog made a fresh pot of tea. He sat down and began a story. . . 

Frog then tells Toad the story of the "Old Dark Frog".
The story ends:
Frog and Toad sat close by the fire. They were scared. The teacups shook in their hands. They were having the shivers. It was a good, warm feeling.

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