Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Only the Shadow Knows

I'm visiting my mother, and today as she frequently does, she came out with a random quote. As she was wiping down the kitchen table, she quipped: "What evil lurks in the heart of men? Only the shadow knows."

This took me down memory lane to when she talked about "The Shadow" as I grew up. The Shadow was a drama about a vigilante who fought bad guys and also posessed psychic powers. It originated from a pulp magazine and later became a 1930s radio drama series, narrated by Orson Wells.

The Shadow became huge and eventually was featured in comic books, TV series, and movies.

Despite all the former hype, "The Shadow" will always be a murky, dark figure that scared the crap out of my mom and "knows the evil that lurks in the heart of men."

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