Thursday, September 24, 2009


This week, it was reported in the LA Times that director and Dream Works studio head, Stephen Spielberg was convinced that his copy of the anxiously awaited "Paranormal Activity" was haunted.

In 2008 when Spielberg was still making a decision about whether or not to be a part of the small budget ghost thriller, he got spooked. According to reports, Spielberg had taken his copy of the film to his Pacific Palisades estate and after watching it, the door to his bedroom was mysteriously locked from the inside, forcing him to call a locksmith to get him out.

Not wanting the copy of PA anywhere near his home, Spielberg apparently brought the movie back to Dream Works in a garbage bag, but was so excited about the creepy film that he decided to back it. This is the producer of Poltergeist, after all.

The film is set to open tomorrow in the following towns:

Austin, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Orlando, FL
State College, PA
Ann Arbor, MI
Boulder, CO
Madison, WI
Tucson, AZ (to my Tucson friends: Go to EL CON, then email me a review!)
Santa Cruz, CA
Durham, NC
Columbus, OH
Seattle, WA
Lincoln, NE

For the rest of us who want to see it, we need to DEMAND IT to get it into our towns.

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