Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This is the first post in a series I've entitled "Haunted House of the Week." What better place to start than here in MD? And what better place to start than in MD than in highly-haunted Ellicott City?

Lilburn Mansion is probably the most famous haunted house in Ellicott City. According to its history, Lilburn's ghosts have made themselves known since the 1920s when the mansion was rebuilt after a fire in 1923. After the new owners, The Hazelhursts, bought it, a string of bad luck seemed to follow them. They lost several children while living in the house and Henry Hazelhurst lost several members of his family before his own time came.

The rumor is Henry still lives in the house along with several other ghosts including the apparition of a little girl and a man. Cigar smoke is said to manifest in the library and float across the room, heavy footsteps can be heard on the stairs, and the windows absolutely refuse to stay shut despite being tied closed.

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