Friday, September 18, 2009


Since Halloween is on its way and I'm a fan of all things spooky, I've decided to start a blog devoted to creepy places, urban exploration, and unexplained phenomenon -- basically anything that gives me a chill.

Since childhood, I've been attracted to and repelled by dark places and weird things. Anything unexplained has made me sit up and take notice while also trying to figure it out. While I'm not a believer in
all things "haunted", I'm also not a strict skeptic either (I've had too many "weird" experiences) I tend to fall somewhere in between, believing there are things that we can explain through science and things that are far beyond our comprehension that can't be explained with science alone.

In any case, I'm fascinated by all things eerie. So what better way to celebrate that fascination than to blog about it? Whether this blog will just be seasonal or not, only time will tell. . .

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