Friday, September 25, 2009


This week a guy was selling his ghost "experience" on Ebay. He visited an abandoned mental asylum in Marlboro, NJ and recorded 30 minutes of audio in the hospital graveyard. The auction closed with 0 bids, but it's still worth checking out. There are a lot of photos of the buildings and some orb pictures around the headstones.

Here's a little bit about the place from his listing:

"Even its beginnings were tainted w death and suffering. The land the hospital sits on was originally a slaughterhouse/cattle farm. The owner was referred to as Old Man Sam. He was said to live in a house painted with blood, and used to hang slaughtered carcasses on the property to warn people away. The State wanted his land so they could build the hospital complex, but he refused their offers. They eventually just seized the land. Old Man Sam swore revenge. He eventually was driven insane and wound up as an inmate in the hospital. Years later he escaped and was never found. There have been many reports of a "Watcher" in these woods by the staff and patients, and many people believe this to be Old Man Sam. He doesn't move or make a sound, he just stands there, watching. If you turn for a second he disappears. It is said whenever someone would report seeing this Watcher in the woods, someone would turn up missing or dead within a short time of the sighting."

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