Monday, September 28, 2009


Last week, Maryland's Gazette published a story about a local ghost hunting group based in Odenton, MD who hosted Bill Bean Jr. as a guest speaker to an audience of over 90 people.

Bean's story of the haunted house he grew up in in Glen Burnie, MD has been made into a DVD which has been shown on Discovery Channel's "A Haunting." The same DVD was shown to the group, coupled with a lecture given by Bean.

Bean told the group that he moved into the house when he was just 4 years old.

"We left that home in 1980," he said. "I didn't discuss our experiences until I was approached to talk about it on a local radio station in 2002. . .Our childhood was robbed. There were no slumber parties at our home, no friends to come over and play for fear of what the evil entities would do."

Bean described the house as eerie, with dark paneling and a narrow hall. After his family moved in, a bedroom door began opening and slamming repeatedly. Soon after sinks would overflow, beds would be stripped after his mother made them, and heavy footsteps could be heard in the attic. He also said that he and his mother were attacked by an invisible entity.

Finally, the family called in a priest who blessed the house and gave the family holy water.

"It got to a point where the priest told us to call him anytime day or night. He would bring holy water to our home in large Mason jars on numerous occasions," Bean said.

You can read more of the article, written by Donna Fellows, here.

Bean has also written a book about his experience titled "Dark Force." Check it out on Bean's own website here.

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