Sunday, September 27, 2009


Ghost Village has a feature today on Dudley Town - a deserted town in Cornwall, CT that is said to have been cursed. I've actually been to this place many years ago with some friends on a ghost tour given by Ed and Lorraine Warren. I can say first hand that this place is weird.

It was the middle of spring and not a bird, insect, or wild animal could be heard despite the lush forest. When we were set to leave, the Warren's car mysteriously refused to start and we had to bring them to a nearby gas station to get things running again.

While I can honestly say that while I was there, I didn't feel anything was truly amiss, I do feel that something "followed" me home. Strange things (So strange I'm not even going to try to explain them here) happened after I returned and didn't leave until about two weeks later.

You can read the testimonials of others here.

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