Sunday, September 20, 2009


Stephen's Paranormal Phenomenon Blog over at posted the photo below from a reader named Kathy.

"This picture was snapped while driving down a country road in East Texas," says Kathy. "Look at the figures standing by the road through the car window. They seem to be dressed in black and their faces and hands are white...."

Stephen said it looked like three paper lanterns hanging from trees. Kathy's response?

"Hmmm...paper lanterns? I will have to disagree. That blowup is extremely blurry. When I zoom in on it with the original version, it looks much clearer, and you can actually make out hands and clothing... you can tell two of the figures seem to be dressed in pants and the third figure seems to be wearing a long dress. Also, the bottom half of the figures looks transparent through the fence. Anyway, that looks like an abandoned homestead; I don't think anyone would be hanging paper lanterns there."

What do you think?

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