Sunday, September 19, 2010

They're Baaaaaack

And so am I. I'm updating again as it's Halloween season once more (YAY!). What better way to kick things off than with a post about Ghost Adventures?

This week, they aired the premier show of the season and the guys went to Gettysburg. The results were, like usual, fun and creepy. I did think that Zak played up his new-found fame a bit too much. It looked like he had had his teeth capped with veneers (they were glowing eerily throughout the episode) and was wearing a touch of pink lip gloss. And can we discuss the spray tan? Come on, Zak. You're not Pamela Anderson. You're Zak Bagans, the tough guy who harasses ghosts!

The montages of the guys "fighting" in the Civil War was way over the top, but made me laugh. It did eclipse any scary bits they got, which I honestly can't remember. Can someone post
something in the comments section to jog my memory? Thanks!

Zak:"I scare ghosts with my shiny, supple mouth."


  1. They were cheesy deluxe but what was good, when asked which side the ghost was on, the ghost repleied "Confederate" quite clearly. Creepy and when Jenny Wade's ghost said "Pregnant", true or nor kinda eerie. Hey I heard Jim Brown LOVED the show, excellent.

  2. Cheesy deluxe is the phrase! Yesss, Jim Brown loved it. Haha.

  3. I heard he had to wash his eyes out with bleach after viewing such horror!

  4. "This is the bullet hole that the bullet made the hole in...this hole."-Zak Duchebaggin