Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Mental Hospital and a Big, Pink Boat! Ghost Adventures in Rolling Hills Asylum

Ahhhh, Ghost Adventures. On Friday night's episode, the guys went to Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany, NY, which once housed orphans, homeless mothers and their children, and the criminally insane. Such a messed-up mix, of course, leads to a vast buffet of paranormal energy.

One of the orphans was Roy - a man who suffered from giantism. Tragically, his father dropped him off one day at Rolling Hills when Roy was 12 and never came back for him. Roy spent fifty years in the place and eventually died there. When GAC did their lock down, they captured two very convincing photographs of a giant figure.

Also present? An evil nurse named Emmy, who dabbled in the black arts. Ooooo, you can imagine the creepy EVPs the guys captured. Some were a little hard to decipher, but some were so clear they made me jumpy, especially a scream heard by Nick while he was alone in Nurse Emmy's former room.

In another memorable part of the episode, Aaron got a face full of spider web, which later turned out may have been little slaps around his face. Aaron also caught a slamming, metal door on camera.

I was watching the episode late at night alone and was sure I saw a white flash of light appear to the left of my face. Oh, how I love the creeps of the GAC!

Of course, the show wouldn't be complete without the guys' entertaining side excursions. This time? River rafting near Niagara Falls in a "big, pink boat."

Dude, who's scared of a big, pink boat??
Zak says: "Does the boat match my lip gloss?"

**On a side note, check out this guy's blog post. He talks about filming with GAC and has some incredible behind-the-scenes photos of taping the Rolling Hills episode.

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  1. I dunno...Big Pink Boat kinda seems like a metaphor to me!