Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lake of Skeletons

My fabulous, furry friend Che sent me this interesting piece:

IN 1942, a frozen lake of over 200 skeletons in Rookund, India was discovered by a forest guard. The first assumption was that the skeletons had belonged to Japanese soldiers. When that was ruled out, the main mystery was how had these people died? It was later discovered that the skeletons belonged to a family as well as travelers that date back to 850 AD.

According to the article: "All the bodies had died in a similar way, from blows to the head. However, the short deep cracks in the skulls appeared to be the result not of weapons, but rather of something rounded. The bodies also only had wounds on their heads, and shoulders as if the blows had all come from directly above. What had killed them all, porter and pilgrim alike?"

It turns out there is a traditional folk song among Himalayan women describes a goddess so angry that outsiders had come into her territory that she killed them by throwing hailstones "hard as iron." After further research, it was concluded that the people did die from a severe hailstorm. 

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