Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Irish Pub to Open in a Funeral Home

An Irish pub called "McBrides" is set to open in the garage of Monahan Funeral Home in Providence, RI.

"Inside there will probably be seating for 55 to 60 people," owner, Mark Russell, told WPRI Eyewitness News. "There will be a full kitchen. It will serve pub grub."

The article states that the people in the neighborhood are upset about it because it's situated in an upscale area on the east side of town and they're worried about the noise level.

To appease the residents of the area, the pub has agreed to close earlier than other bars in Providence.

That's right. The article never mentions that anyone is even slightly curious about the fact that the pub will be inside a funeral home, only that they're upset because it's in a lotty-da neighborhood.

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