Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

In honor of Halloween, I'm posting some photos I've taken over the years of the Halloween variety -- i.e. houses, cemeteries, abandoned buildings, Halloween costumes, etc.
Happy Halloween!

My sister standing in front of our favorite local haunted house on Elm Street (yes, that was the name).

Me, circa 1990 with my crazy black Halloween cat, Murphy.

I took this photo of my friend Jim on Halloween 1992. There was a double exposure that made it look like his chest was on fire.

Me as the Morton Salt Girl, Halloween 1993.

Halloween gang, Halloween 1997. I was supposed to be the wicked queen from Snow White (left).

Halloween at The Black Cat in DC, 2004.
crows, 2007.

CVH Mental Hospital in CT, 2004.

My friend Cat in an abandoned house in Ellicot City, 2008.

Cat and my sister Lynn on the stairs leading up to the late, great Hell House in Ellicott City, 2004.

Hell House, 2004.

My sister visits an Etruscan tomb, 2005.

Abandoned farm house in Tuscany, 2005.

Witch in the tree.

Adrian and me, 2007.

Adrian, 2008.
Graveyard in CT

Edgar Allen Poe's grave site


  1. I saw your friend had a turbonegro hat on! That's rad! Is he in a Jugend?

  2. Hi. I live in the Elm Street house. When was that photo taken? We are trying to restore the house and are looking for information. Thanks!