Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I went to Gettysburg again this weekend, this time with my sister, Lynn, and friend, Cat. We drove around the battlefield and went to Devil's Den after dark. After Cat captured some impressive orb photos (I will post them in a later entry), we started aiming and shooting, and got some orbs of light.

First, a little history of the place from HauntedHouses.com:

Devil's Den can be found west of Little Round Top, in the Triangular Field, called the valley of death, as it became a "slaughter field." It is considered the most haunted spot in the Park. It is no wonder as not only are Phantom soldiers and apparitions often seen here, but Indian Warriors as well.

Devil's Den, besides being a hot spot in this battle, also was the scene years before of the huge Battle of the Crows. War Hoops and apparitions of dead warriors had been seen in this area years before this Civil War Battle. The creepiness and strangeness of this huge piling of boulders which create deep crevices and mazes already had an infamous reputation before the Union and Confederate troops used it as a position.

Devil's Den is a pile of rocks that long-haired confederate calvarymen from Georgia and Texas fought fiercely for and finally drove the Union forces out, after suffering many casualties, as they fought their way across Triangular Field to Devil's Den.

After the 3 day Battle of Gettysburg ended and the lucky ones who survived the fight for Devil's Den, retreated with Lee, the Union forces found the seemingly endless numbers of bodies in the valley and on the boulders. Many were not buried but thrown down the deep crevices of the rocks, as they were already rotting. The lucky ones were buried days / weeks later.

Visitors and Park Rangers have seen the apparitions of sharpshooters among the tree line of Triangular Field and have heard phantom sounds of gunshots and drum rolls coming from the wooded area of this field.

Read more here.

Our orb shots at Devil's Den:

Dust? It's possible, but we were pointing and shooting repeatedly getting nothing in one shot and dots of light in the next frame, then nothing again in the subsequent shot.


  1. Nice pics. When I was in Gettysburg in 2004 I took a few pictures of the field across the road from the Trostle Farm. My pictures look oddly similar to yours. I'll see if I can dig them up.

  2. We were in gettysburg the same time you were, and possibly at Devil Den the same night. My husband also got one very bright orb. I have not posted the photo yet on my blog but will probably have it there in a few days..Stop back by

  3. Mike - I got your photos from Raul. I will post them later today. They do look a lot like mine. Weird!

  4. Patty - I was there on Sunday night. There were a lot of people on the rocks shooting photos. I look forward to seeing your picture :)