Thursday, October 8, 2009


There's a creepy photo on Ebay of a hand in the window of an abandoned mental asylum. The listing description is as follows:

A Black & White photograph of a first floor window in a building near the main Kirkbride administration building at Taunton State Hospital in Taunton MA. I photographed this window in 2004 while on a photo shoot for a show and an edition of my magazine called "Asylum Architecture" The vision of Thomas Story Kirkbride.

This shot was photographed with high speed black and white film. During the shoot I photographed using mostly infrared film so I pretty much disregarded this roll of high speed B&W film. However months later in reviewing the contact sheets, I discovered some very odd and disturbing images on this roll of film.

There was nothing in this window when I looked in, but upon re examining the negatives I discovered several frames contained some very disturbing images. In this photo is what appears to be an old hand.

I have re visted this window several times since and have never seen the hand again. I have researched the Hospital and have found this hospital at Taunton housed some very notorious patients including serial murderer Honora Kelley a.k.a. Jane Toppan and has been the sight of many bizzare happenings! The Hospital is the 2nd oldest Kirkbride complex in Massachusetts.

The print is up for $2,499.00 right now, but I'm pretty sure that's a misprint since this seller's other photos are going for $24.99. She has some pretty cool photos for sale.

Taunton State Mental Hospital by Cyril Place Photography

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