Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm working on a column about A Haunting in Connecticut and came across these two interesting clips on Youtube.

The first is a very old clip from A Current Affair concerning the haunting on which the movie is based. The clip features Ed and Lorraine Warren as well as Carmen Snedeker who lived in the house at the time and claimed it was haunted and that her family was physically attacked by a demon. The people from A Current Affair obviously think this all a bunch of BS as well as some others they interview. Interestingly, the person who posted the clip (to the background music of Radiohead) claims that they lived in the house at one point and never experienced any supernatural phenomenon:

Then I found this nice interview with Lorraine Warren in which she discusses how she found out that she had supernatural abilities. She also claims the most haunted places she and her late husband Ed have investigated were in the UK as well as in CT and the East Coast. In addition, she sweetly describes meeting Ed:

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