Monday, October 19, 2009


My friend sent me this very humorous review of Paranormal Activity. As far as the "that was it?" comment, I have disagree. I found the end of the film terrifying!!

WARNING: If you haven't seen the movie, there are a few slight spoilers here.

In the spirit of found-footage horror (see: The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, REC), an increasingly popular mode whose weaknesses and strengths are exemplified by Paranormal Activity, I am forgoing a more traditional review. Instead, I present to you the notes I made while screening the film. “White people.” “Boring white people.” “Will they ever shut up?” “Do they ever go to work?”

“Jesus Christ, where are the fucking ghosts?” “I was promised ghosts.” “They're sleeping. This isn't scary.” “More talking.” “Ghosts goddammit, I want ghosts!” “These actors are really good at pretending to be people I'd never want to be stuck in an elevator with.” “Finally, a fucking ghost.” “Oh shit, that was kinda scary.” “A demon, not a ghost.” “More inane blather.” “Idea: horror film about a demon who torments deaf-mutes.”

“Pretty scared now, actually.” “Making this note because I'm too scared to look at the screen.” “Sorta relieved that so much of this movie is just talking, as I did not bring an extra pair of underwear.” “This is too much.” “Mommy.” “Will anyone notice if I throw up?” “I don't like this.” “Chris, you'll get through this.” “Wait, that was it?” “Happy I did not piss my pants.” “Kinda bummed I did not piss my pants.” R. CHRIS STAMM

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