Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rabid Bat Found Dead in Halloween Aisle at Jo-Ann Fabrics

Need some ribbon or a couple yards of fabric for a Halloween costume? How about a dead, rabid bat instead?

In Olympia, WA, a dead bat was found in the Halloween section of Jo-Ann Fabrics. How appropriate. The bat was found on a shelf in the Halloween aisle and later tested positive for rabies. Local health officials are concerned people may have handled it, thinking it was one of the Halloween items. "Oh look! Such a life-like bat decoration!. . . Oh, wait it's . . ."


The two people in the store who found the bat and reported it were given a rabies vaccine, Local health county officials are asking anyone who may have come in contact with the bat to contact authorities.

Jo-Ann Fabrics: where crafters go batshit-crazy

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