Monday, September 19, 2011

House of Restless Spirits

I found this webpage for a place in Santa Montica called House of Restless Spirits. It looks like some sort of Halloween attraction. It's "history" sounds fabricated, but the place sounds fun for a night out. According to the site, you can pretty much just wander around the place for free in small groups.

Upon further research, I've found this snippit from a place that reviews Halloween attractions:

"While you take a tour around the old house not too far from the Pacific Ocean, a series of incredible ghostly manifestations tingle your senses, some in the yard and some in the windows. The effects are subtle but spooky, emphasizing imagination and atmosphere instead of shock. This is definitely a haunt that demands a careful gaze and patient appreciation, so that the phantoms may appear at their leisure."

Sounds like my kind of place. It makes me think of the haunted house at Disney World that my sister and I visited when we were kids. While it was nothing as special or arty as this place sounds, I remember it had that same type of spooky, organic feel, like if you looked in a mirror, you might see a face behind you. At one point I remember knocking on the wall three times and receiving three knocks back in return. It was one of those kid Halloween moments I'll never forget.

Anyway, the site for House of Restless Spirits features cool little videos that are supposed to give a taste of what visiting the place is like.  Check it out.

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