Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Mysterious Russian Wilderness

We're already almost halfway through September and I haven't posted a thing. I blame it on being so busy, but this happened last year and I'm going to do my best to get posting!

One thing I've been doing when the day is done on Mondays is watching Siberia. It's been on for weeks now and is wrapping up. I think NBC put it in as a filler show, but it's a good time. It reminds me of Lost and the Blair Witch Project mixed together with a dash of X-Files tossed in.

It's a mockumentary about a group of people who thought they were signing up for a reality show in which they had to survive the wilds of Siberia in order to win half a million dollars. Pretty soon it becomes clear this isn't the case, however, as various producers and people working on the show are mysteriously killed off. The characters on the show soon realize it's up to them to get out of there, but there are a lot of barriers in the way. Strange things keep happening like the sky lights up green, it snows about a foot overnight after being in the 80s the day before, a dead tiger is found in the woods, and one they are being hunted by a weird group called the Valley Men.

The show is about to wrap up and I'm wondering how they're going to make it out. I will definitely miss my Monday nights with Siberia.

On a side note, my friend sent me an article about the Dyatlov Pass Incident that made me think of Siberia. In the 50s, nine hikers died mysteriously in the northern Ural mountains. They had been camping and something that the Soviets called 'a compelling natural force' was responsible for their deaths. This compelling force of nature drove the campers from their tents in the night. When their bodies were found, investigators discovered that two had fractured skulls and ribs One woman was missing her tongue. Weeeirrd.  Lucky for us, a film is going to be made about the incident.  Read about it here.

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