Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Opacity: For the Urban Explorer in You

My sister recently sent me this link. It's a site called Opacity, devoted to urban ruins in the Northeast. Here's what they write about themselves:

This site is dedicated to documenting various abandoned places through both text and photographs; recording their transformations through time before they are demolished. The abundance of abandoned asylums and psychiatric hospitals in the New England area create the bulk of the locations here; these beautiful state funded structures are vast and complex, giving insight to both the humanity and mistreatment towards the mentally ill over the past two centuries.

They include Byberry (Philadelphia State Hospital) on the site, which my sister was always interested in. Unfortunately before she could see it, it was demolished.


The site also includes Norwich State Hospital in CT, which I've been to. Very creepy. At the time I had a camera that generated prints (remember those?) instead of a digital camera. I wish I could find those pictures because there were some great shots.


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