Saturday, October 8, 2011

Haven't I Written This Post Before?

I just had the most strong sense of déjà vu . I was sitting here at my computer watching my son play on the living room floor with the front door open and the early autumn sun coming in. It was one of those eerie this-has-happened-before moments. These familiar instances usually happen during the most mundane times.

These déjà vu moments (déjà vu translates as already seen in French) happen to me frequently as it happens to a lot of people. So what the hell is it? Are we remembering some mundane moment we've experienced in a past life exactly like this one? Are we remembering looking into the future at this ordinary moment?

I found a fascinating article in The New York Times about the phenomenon here.

As might be expected, it basically it boils down to neurology:

Psychologists have long known, too, that people register impressions and images well before they are aware of what they have seen. The brain sends visual signals through at least two circuits, which move from the retina through the brain to the visual cortex via different routes.

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