Wednesday, September 2, 2015

GAC at Nopeming Sanitorium

I watched another Ghost Adventures episode, this time about the abandoned TB sanatorium. However, before I even start typing about this episode, can I just say what a ripoff the new (new to me) opening is of American Horror Story? I miss the old opening . . . AND Nick.

Okay, enough bitching.

This episode from Season 10 opens in the grey, misty autumnal woods of Duluth, Michigan where the GAC team are traveling to an abandoned TB hospital called Nopeming, which is built on Chippewa Indian land. One of my favorite things about the episode is the elderly couple -- Margaret and Mike -- who once worked at Nopeming. In the '60s, Mike worked in the boiler room and also wheeled bodies to the morgue. He said he was worried about dead bodies breathing some "TBs" in his face. He also mentioned he was called in by "Doc" to help cut ribs in order to "pull a lung". What I don't understand is why they'd want to "pull a lung"? Wouldn't that kill a person?

The team also brought in a guy who was arrested (and grounded by his parents) for trespassing at Nopeming and had him tell everyone at home why trespassing is a bad idea (12:29 in the video below). It was like a PSA, but as soon as he was done telling us why we shouldn't push past "no trespassing" signs, Zak wanted to hear about what he had witnessed while visiting. Apparently he saw a dark figure on one of the ledges.

The creepiest feature of Nopeming is its "death tunnel", which was used to wheel corpses to the incinerator. The tunnel is now blocked off by furniture the management have wedged in both ends in order to deter trespassers from entering. The guys bust their butts trying to pull out a couch as Zak watches and insists he would "assist the boys in moving the couch, but someone has to operate the camera." Uh huh. Once they get inside, they realize the structure of the tunnel is collapsing, so not everyone goes in. Billy Tulley volunteers to be the one to walk through. When he's halfway in, the light on his camera goes out, but not before his it catches a black shadow figure.

The episode has some good light anomalies, doors slamming on their own, and EVPs. At one point Zak and Billy are touched by unseen hands. However, one of the most satisfying moments is when Zak freaks out, but later finds out he was ensnared by wires hanging from the ceiling and not being abducted by ghosts. Zak eats a piece of humble pie and allows us to see the whole thing (35:29 in the video below). It goes without saying that the whole debacle was DEBUNKED. On a side note,  I noticed Zak is wearing his gas mask now, which is probably better for his lungs.

Nopeming has apparently never been officially investigated before. Lucky for us, GAC decided to pay it a visit.

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