Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back to GAC

After taking a long hiatus, I am back on the GAC train.  I haven't seen much from the shows that aired before or after Nick left, but after playing a little catch up, I can see some possibilities as to why he may have decided to quit the show.

Zak has always been a big show off and that's partially why his fans love him. However, in a show I recently watched from Season 9 about the ghost town of Bannack, MT, he was acting like a prima donna, bossing Nick and Aaron around and snapping at them like a cranky schoolmarm (15:48 into the video below). In an interview with a man whose family originally lived in Bannack, Zak practically poses for the camera in a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses and black shirt with German crosses on it. If you click on the video below and go to the 8:45 mark, you can see what I'm referring to. As Zak is interviewing the guy, he starts to walk away from him, taking up most of the screen space. He may as well have done his best "Blue Steel".

In another show I watched recently, he nearly forces Nick to return to a house that was making him physically ill. This was the Oman house from Season 9 and one of the scariest Ghost Adventures episodes I've ever seen. The house's owner, David Oman (pretty interesting name, no?), wrote a film based on his experiences living in the house called The House at the End of the Drive.  The film is loosely based on the real events of August 9, 1969 when Sharon Tate and six others were murdered by the Manson family. Oman's house is right up the street from where the murders took place. He believes the houses' location, along with the fact that the house sits atop a geomagnetic anomaly and that it's also on top of a Native American burial ground are contributing to the strange things taking place at his residence. The most disturbing thing about the episode, however, is Oman. He seems weirdly comfortable living in a house that has such bad energy and almost seems like he gets a kick out of it.

Okay, getting back to Nick - it's the only episode I've ever seen in which all three guys leave a lockdown. They get physically ill, especially Nick, who is scratched by something unseen and experiences severe stomach pains. Right after he leaves the house, visibly upset, Zak presses him to go back inside, right back to the bedroom where he was scratched (See 34:42 in the video below). Being the nice guy he is, Nick complies with the ridiculous request. It was at this point I wanted to kick Zak's Ed Hardy-embellished butt. And from the looks of it, Nick did, too.

I love Zak as much as any GAC fan and will continue to watch Ghost Adventures, however, I think he needs a big fat slice of humble pie. Preferably shoved in his face by Nick.

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