Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cliff Coffins

Did you know that in China, the Philippines, and Indonesia, there are coffins hanging up in the cliffs? Neither did I. According to Atlas Obscura: "The tradition of hanging coffins is quite ancient, in China going back to 772 BC, although it is still practiced in some places, such as Sagada on Luzon Island in the Philippines. The reason for hanging coffins varies as much as the cultures that have practiced the burial tradition, ranging from practical reasons to avoid the dead being disturbed, to more spiritual beliefs like bringing the deceased closer to the heavens."

I think it's definitely better than crowding up the ground with coffins, but I had two other thoughts after reading this story: If you were a mountain climber and was scaling one of these cliffs, how creepy would it be to come across some of these coffins?  And: What if one of these fell?

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