Friday, October 19, 2012

American Horror Story Kicks Off Second Season with a Hot Bang

The first episode of American Horror Story Asylum was a brilliant, campy, and creepy kickoff to the season Wednesday night. We got to see Adam Levine mutilated by some sort of creature that lives in the death chutes of Briarcliff Asylum - the institution that the second season revolves around. We also got to see the delightful Evan Peters return to AHS as another lovable and troubled character, this time named Kit Walker.

The star of the show, of course, is Jessica Lange, this time playing Sister Jude. She's a hardboiled nun with a Boston accent whose vulnerability lies in the lustful heart hiding beneath her righteous exterior. Speaking of which, the sex is still alive and blazing this season. We got to see Sister Jude literally let her hair down and climb in a priest's lap,  also Evan Peters's naked butt in the first episode.

In addition, there's a creepy doctor named Dr. Arden who runs Briarcliff and is feeding inmates to some sort of creature that lives in the death chutes; a budding reporter who gets trapped in Briarcliff; and a serial killer named "Bloody Face" who wears a mask made out of his victims' skin.

Since the show is just getting started, looks like  Halloween will last a little longer than October 31 this year. . .

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